Born from a personal outlet for creativity, something with true substance. We’ve covered miles to get here, told the stories others won’t and still have our feet placed firmly on the ground. We are genuinely inspired by the world around us, and have been lucky enough to have seen a fair bit of it too. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, we never strive to create someone else’s ‘cool’. We hope to continue to brim with creativity and passion as we discover the further reaches of the world.

What are we.

Creative Studio | Independent publisher

We work alongside anyone with a passion for what they do. Creatives first and foremost, we don't mind getting our hands dirty. We offer initial campaign conception, creative direction,  production services, post production, design and publishing. We’ve worked on location across the USA and Africa, and know virtually every inch of Europe. In a saturated industry, we decided to put our heads above water a long time ago.


We will make your voice heard. Create the most engaging content imaginable and build a brand that reflects your passions- your brand image in its most powerful form.




Not satisfied with solely creating for the digital realm, we decided to make something more tangible. A few pieces that we wanted to take with us on the road, celebrate our adventures and really just share what Stokedeversince is all about. Take a look at our shop. All products are available in limited quantities and sustainably produced wherever possible. 


- Campaign Photography.
- Print | DIGITAL design.


- Creative Direction.
- Publishing
- Campaign Conception.
- POST Production.


Lets cut to the chase. Thats you. The people we get a kick out of working with. Whether you looking for your first digital content, want to market a new product, tell the story of your brand or are yearning for impact. 



Our team has grown from humble beginnings, conscious of never losing the personal connection to our work. With experience operating cameras, equipment and systems, yet keeping our passions at the forefront of what we do. We have built strong relationships with agencies, individuals, and studios around the globe. We offer our services from a small studio in the UK where we cater for clients large and small. Our little black book contains awesome freelance directors, camera operatives, lighting technicians, digital designers, stylists and producers.




Calum Creasey - Creative Director & Filmmaker.

Created work for the fashion, sports & travel industries. A portfolio of personal short films and documentaries conveying a deep love of storytelling. Worked in cinematographer roles on productions for international clients; on location within the UK, Europe, America and Africa, in addition to a breadth of studio based work. Above all a love of capturing times on the road & the unwavering happiness this life has to offer.


Lauren Smith - Producer.

A true passion for travel and adventure- Lauren has been a part of the 'team' from the outset. After supporting 'Stokedeversince' behind the scenes for the last 3 years,  she finally bit the bullet and left her office job - now full time Producer & Production Manager. Really she loves nothing better than to dip her toes in the ocean after a long drive South in our rolling home.




Our studio space started life as a working barn. We took it on with straw still on the ground. After months of renovation we are now left with a beautifully simple space to create. Now centre of operations, where plans are hatched and the maps are kept. With ample space for photographic shoots up to full length portraits. It still retains all of its rugged charm, thats why we love it.

If you are in the area feel free to stop by for a coffee/chin wag.



Where are we:

The Studio
Dairy Farm
MK16 8LU