The Rolling Home: The Culture of Vanlife - book pre-order


The Rolling Home: The Culture of Vanlife - book pre-order


The Rolling Home - The Culture of Vanlife book pre-order

Please note- your copies of the book will ship in March 2019

We are extremely excited to announce our second book; The Culture of Vanlife. A hard bound book published by Lannoo Publishers. We have been working on this book for nearly a year and it is our most ambitious publication to date. Filled with essays, articles, original photography and illustration. Due for release in the UK in March 2019.

Blurb -

‘This book offers an insight into our very human need for adventure.’

From the fringes of society to the envy-inducing images on social media, how and why has vanlife become more popular than ever before? What does this tell us about our love of travel and our ideas of home? And how do camper vans encompass issues of minimalism, freedom and sustainability?

The creators of The Rolling Home Journal bring you The Culture of Vanlife, including thought-provoking essays, interviews, illustrations and photography. Learn the basics of compact interior design, follow van conversions, and lose yourself in personal accounts of inspiring road trips. Explore the culture, vehicles, people, places and future of vanlife.

Details - 210mm x 275mm. 256 pages printed on un-coated stock. Concept, production and design by Calum Creasey & Lauren Smith (Stokedeversince ltd) This book is published by Lannoo

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