Born from a personal outlet for creativity, Stokedeversince is the way we create work we love, whilst inspiring others to pursue their dreams. We are genuinely inspired by the world around us. We live by the notion that happiness can stay with you for the rest of your life, through an images or piece of film, a conversation or a piece of art. We brim with creativity and passion as we discover and document the further reaches of the world.

What are we.

Stokedeversince | Creative studio

We work alongside anyone with a passion for what they do. Creatives first and foremost, we don't mind getting our hands dirty. We offer creative direction,  production services, design and publishing. We have worked on location across the USA and Africa, and know virtually every inch of Europe.  


The Rolling Home story

In the Spring of 2010 we bought a sorry looking Volkswagen T4 van. With a very small budget and a lot of imagination we slowly created our dream home. Over the past 6 years we have travelled more than 80000 miles across Europe in The Rolling Home. 

In 2015 we launched a Kickstarter campaign and self published our first book documenting our the photos and stories from our travels. Since then we have refurbished The Rolling Home and are now back on the road, running Stokedeversince from our van and studio and developing new products.  Support our journey by purchasing our book & read about where in the world we are on our blog.


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